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The Fungo exhibit is here because spring time is around the corner. That means baseball season is back and the Aeronautics Through Sports exhibit has the MKI fungo team ready to swing the bat! Always wonder why the ball leaps into the air off the bat? Or why the ball skids across the dirt to the infielders? Live demonstrations will happen on the half-hours. Bring your glove and try it out!
It's not slime, ooze or goo that keeps that gecko on the wall. How does it work? Go to the Science of Sticky exhibit and crawl around on our incline wall and find out.

Welcome to MKI
Welcome to The McKnight Institute. When you're visiting MKI, you'll loose track of time. Hours and hours of visual and tactile experiences await!
At MKI, it's not just learning about how things are, it's about learning how things work. We don't show you an image with lots of text to demonstrate our exhibits. You actively participate inside the exhibits! Whether it's learning about aerodynamics through hitting golf balls or throwing baseballs, driving an experimental spaceship around the solar system, playing with steam pressure to power a factory, creating new adhesives, or driving a train up a mountain pass, your creativity is helping to run the exhibit.
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