OrganicUtopia Gardening Tips

Strange as it sounds, we want you to put us out of business!OrganicUtopia is committed to spreading the word about organic food. Yes, we feature organic fruits and vegetables from the area's best farmers, but we think growing your own is even better! Here are some tips on when to begin planting in your area. When deciding which crops to plant, the first step is to decide what zone of the country you live in. Many seed companies will refer to these zones on their packages or catalogs.

US temperate zones with average min. temperatures
Zone Fahrenheit Example Cities
1 Below -50 F Fairbanks, Alaska; Resolute, Northwest Territories (Canada)
2 -50 to -40 F Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; Flin Flon, Manitoba (Canada)
3 -40 to -30 F International Falls, Minnesota; St. Michael, Alaska
4 -30 to -20 F Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota; Lewistown, Montana
5 -20 to -10 F Des Moines, Iowa; Illinois
6 -10 to 0 F St. Louis, Missouri; Lebanon, Pennsylvania
7 0 to 10 F Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; South Boston, Virginia
8 10 to 20 F Tifton, Georgia; Dallas, Texas
9 20 to 30 F Houston, Texas; St. Augustine, Florida
10 30 to 40 F Naples, Florida; Victorville, California
11 above 40 F Honolulu, Hawaii; Mazatlan, Mexico


Best months to plant vegetables (Zones 4-7)
Month Vegetables to Plant
April Broccoli
May Corn