Welcome to organic utopia

There's big news at OrganicUtopia this month! We've expanded to include 2 new lines of body and earth-friendly products. We now carry bio-degradeable furniture - imagine a couch you can leave on the street that will slowly decompose back into Mother Earth! We also have added recyclable shopping bags, which eliminate the need for the age-old question "paper or plastic?". These bags are tough, stylish, and eco-friendly!

What do we do?

We've got everything from healthy lifestyle foods and organic gourmet products to other lifestyle products. We also have a full line of eco-friendly furniture, clothes, candles and home furnishings.

One stop shopping

You can find it all here, and our online store makes it easy to order! Pick from carefully selected food, lifestyle and home products and add them to your shopping bag, all from the convenience of home. We even offer free shipping on many items, or save you big dollars by shipping items together.

Member benefits

Anybody can shop at Organic Utopia, members however, enjoy certain benefits. For only $150 a year you will recieve a 20% discount on anything in the store. Additionally, you can take advantage of ordering bulk items when you become a member. There's really no reason *not* to join! Learn more.