RSS Feeds


What are Feeds?

In this digital age, users no longer have the luxury of time to check for new content manually each time or more importantly remember each site they want to get information from. Web feeds, news feeds or feeds helps the user simplify this process drastically.

Feeds, to put it simply, are a way to publish frequently updated content. Your feed is a XML formatted document which lets you share content with other users on the web. Users, subscribers in this lingo, can use your feed to read updated information on your site if and when it is posted.

Why You Should Publish Feeds

From a web developer's perspective, one of the main reason for publishing a feed is user convenience. With a feed for users to subscribe to, they don't have to check for new content manually each time. They can just subscribe to your feed and get notified new content is posted. No hassles! If you fear you'll lose your advertisement revenues in this process, you can just as easily include ads in the feed. Publishing a feed also means that it is easier for third party content providers to syndicate your content thus gaining more exposure and traffic in the process. For a more technical explanation about RSS, see

Sample of RSS Feed

Clean Energy Feed: clean_energy.rss