RSS to Javascript


What is FeedSweep?
FeedSweep "republishes" feeds. It pulls news and content from any Internet feed source and displays the contents on your web page or blog - all without any programming! Just set it and forget it...

How does FeedSweep work?
FeedSweep widgets use industry-standard JavaScript to place feed information on your web page. Your customized FeedSweep code is called a "widget" and is compatible with all popular web browsers. A FeedSweep widget can be incorporated into any web page or blog template regardless of platform or programming language.

How do I get a FeedSweep Widget on to my web page?
You must have a basic grasp of HTML, but it is very easy. After you have created a FeedSweep widget, your widget's customized code will be displayed. Cut and paste this into your web page HTML or blog template and your fresh, new content will appear in that location. You are done!

Sample of RSS Widget