Rounded Corners with Pseudo Class


In CSS3, the border-radius property is used to create rounded corners and the box-shadow property is used to add shadow to boxes. [Note that in each case some browsers require their own special codes.] You can see in the sample below that this content box has rounded corners using the -mozborder-radius style. Must be viewe within non-IE browsers?

Hover over the content boxes to see the pseudo class example.

Rounded Corner with Pseudo Class Sample

Round and Round

After a long and wretched flight
That stretched from daylight into night,
Where babies wept and tempers shattered
And the plane lurched and whiskey splattered
Over my plastic food, I came
To claim my bags from Baggage Claim

Around, the carousel went around
The anxious travelers sought and found
Their bags, intact or gently battered,
But to my foolish eyes what mattered
Was a brave suitcase, red and small,
That circled round, not mine at all.

I knew that bag. It must be hers.
We hadn't met in seven years!
And as the metal plates squealed and clattered
My happy memories chimed and chattered.
An old man pulled it off the Claim.
My bags appeared: I did the same.

Create Date : Friday, January 03, 2003 Vikram Seth