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Welcome to the Head First Lounge, your local Tea Elixirs and Coffee Shop

About Us

The health benefits make tea a wonderful beverage. People enjoy fresh, high-quality tea in a place that is people friendly. Our Elixirs stimulate the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of tea while enlightening them with our unique Lounge flavors.

Head First Lounge is now proud to announce we are an elite micro coffee roaster. Our coffees are roasted fresh daily in small batches using our ancient family tribal methods. Our unique roasting provide a richer taste and since we have found the best coffee beans from around the world we can sell both roasted and unroasted beans at the best prices directly to the public. You'll also find our favorites picks in the Head First Lounge coffee store. We also offer free coffee grinding and free shipping for your convenience.

Join us any evening for refreshing elixirs, coffee, conversation and maybe a game or two of Dance Revolution. Wireless access is always provided.