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Planned and executed aerial survey photo missions in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah. Most work was done over the Las Vegas Valley in class B airspace in a Cessna 206 Stationair with Zeiss 15/23 RMK A aerial survey camera bolted to the floor of the plane. Frame size 9-in by 9-in. Focal length is six inches. Film reel length is 270 feet. Job required photographic skills and familiarity with the public land survey system to locate remote parcels for photography. Required close coordination between the pilot and the photographer to ensure that the correct site was targeted and that the series of photos began and ended as planned at the correct altitude. Good planning and precision were required for work in the Las Vegas Class B airspace, which is one of the busiest in the country. Flight crew was often only permitted a single pass over a site. Had a reputation with McCarran air traffic controllers (ATC) as the most reliable and fastest aerial photo team operating in this area. Compiled and edited a detailed operating procedure for this job.