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My name is Garth Brown. I'm 61 years old with the wisdom of a 61-year old and the heart, soul, and good health of a thirty-year old. I've had the good fortune to work at many different jobs developing many different skills and enjoying the camaraderie of many workmates from all walks of life and all corners of the earth. I'm a man of broad and diverse interests with an insatiable curiosity for the many wonders of life. I also have the good fortune to have a wife who supports and encourages my ambitions and shares in my passion for life. Most recently my life has been absorbed in the Environmental Services profession. In the distant past I've worked in Antarctica for contractors to the National Science Foundation. I've worked as the Project Director for a child abuse and neglect prevention program. And I've worked as a social worker. I paid my way through college by working as a union laborer and as a waiter. I've had many jobs and enjoyed practically all of them.

I've worked in a number of fields in the Environmental Services profession. From 2003 to 2009 I worked for Kenney Aerial Mapping as an aerial photographer/orthophoto imaging technician/AutoCAD editor. I created procedures manuals for each of those duty areas. Prior to that I worked for Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) as a geographical information systems (GIS) Temp. I first became interested in GIS and remote sensing (RS) while working at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) as a Technical Writer. I became enamored with GIS/RS and when the opportunity arose for me to get educated in these fields, I seized it. Following a voluntary reduction-in-force at the NTS, I enrolled in the College of Southern Nevada's GIS/RS program and have aggressively pursued both education and experience in these fields since.

My career at NTS included positions as a Technical Writer, Senior Technical Writer, and Senior Staff Assistant. As a Technical Writer I edited reports, scientific publications, as well as policy and procedures manuals. Assignments included supporting the REECo Environment and Health Division, Industrial Hygiene Department, Defense Waste Management Department, Environmental Compliance Office, and the Basic Environmental Compliance and Monitoring Project (BECAMP). As a Senior Staff Assistant, sixty percent of my time was spent compiling budget data into reports; the remainder of my time was spent attending to personnel, inventory, and other administrative tasks. I wrote procedures manuals for every duty in this position.


Absolute Path One of my most exciting work adventures was three tours in Antarctica. The adjacent is a photograph of the last station I worked at, Palmer Station, at which I served as Station Manager. This station belongs to the US National Science Foundation and is maintained for scientific research. Photo credit: David Krakowski Palmer Station, Antarctica
Relative Path I spent the longest year of my life at Palmer Station on Anvers Island in Antarctica in 1982. Peak population in summer was about 50; winter, 8. Winter lasts from about April to November. These were my companions for nine dark months. Photo credit: Tony Rathburn (photo of photos); Pawel Anaszkiewicz (5 of 6 photos); Garth Brown (photo of Pawel Anaszkiewicz) Palmer Station Winter-Over Crew, 1982
Hyperlink Gerlache Strait between Brabant and Anvers Islands, Antarctica (Click the link to see the photo.)
Resized Photo Here's a thumbnail of the station photo above Palmer Station, Antarctica thumbnail

Palmer Station Crew, Winter 1982

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